Square in September – Day 22

There is one more week left of BeckyB’s Square in September challenge with the theme In The Pink. The only rule is that your photograph has to be square. Give it a go!

I love playing with my camera especially with a macro lens.  It’s all about experimenting and having some fun. I just so happened to have a shot of the buds gradually opening up on this pink flower. It’s not perfect by any means but I was quite happy with it for a beginner.

Pink Square


Square September – Day 3

I’m delighted to have the chance to show off my ‘award winning’ photograph with you again – when I say ‘award winning’ I mean ‘runner up’ but hey! it was the first photography competition I’d entered and was ‘tickled pink’ that my hurried snap turned out pretty okay. You can read all about how I captured this gecko’s foot here. 


Square in September Challenge

In the Pink

My blogging buddy Clare of Clare’s Cosmos drew my attention to a  photo challenge issued by Becky who has a super blog The Life of B. After the Weekly Photo Challenge from our lovely friends at WordPress (we miss you guys!) ceased, I’ve been missing that particular blogging community so I’m looking forward to forming new friendships with Becky and her blogging neighbours.

Square in September starts today, 1st September. The theme is ‘In The Pink’ which we can interpret as ‘tickled pink, ‘in the pink’ or just ‘pink’ but – The only thing you must ensure is that your main photograph is square. We can even share a photo a day for the whole month if we wish so watch this space.

I took the photo below when I was in Adelaide a few months ago and as you can see it had been raining. The petals were a pale pink and I was tickled pink that I’d managed to capture the reflections in the rain drops.

Unfortunately I don’t know the name of  the flower so if anyone can help out, please let me know.  It could even be a weed!

pink Square 1


WPC – Rise/Set

I could go all out with a huge gallery of photos as I love to snap the sunset; I wish I could pull myself out of bed early enough to capture the sunrise but at this moment in my life I find that a challenge on its own.

I’ve decided on a selection that mean something to me; Coromandel Valley, South Australia where we last lived as a family before Chief and I moved up to Brisbane; Brighton SA (many a fun evening to be had on that beach!) Long Melford Suffolk, the view from my parent’s house and Brisbane where we are now.

Sun setting on the hill behind our house in Coromandel Valley, SA
Brighton South Australia
20170314_180622_001 (2)
Wintery sunset Long Melford, Suffolk
Sun setting on storm clouds, Brisbane


A New Year Win

A New Year Win

Ten days into the new year and I am a winning photographer. I have won the first photographic competition that I’ve ever entered. I am not a unique winner mind you, but one of 40 and I haven’t been notified that I’m the top winner but as this is a year of little steps I am excited about my achievement.

The competition run by My Nikon Life Australia was to submit your best macro or close-up image that captures ‘Life in detail’.

Some of you will know that I am learning to use a digital SLR camera and I hadn’t had my macro lens long when I needed to use it in a hurry. Chief had removed a palm frond from the pool, rescuing a gecko in the process. When the gecko landed on the edge of the pool it scurried up the glass fence panel giving us a perfect view of his under-side and here are the results – including my winning shot.

Gecko innards
Hi there!
The winning shot

And my prize? Double movie pass to see Matt Damon’s film Downsizing. As I said – little steps!