Square in September -16

Day 16 of Square in September and this shot was taken earlier this year at Coriole vineyard, McLaren Vale, South Australia. The cellardoor has a beautiful cottage garden seen here with the Vale in the background.

DSC_0089 (2)

WPC: Silence

This week’s photo challenge is how to capture silence in a photograph.┬áIs it a positive image, or is it the opposite, revealing the lack of communication in a friendship or the dangers of not speaking out? Show us your interpretation in a new post.

Mine is a positive image of a peaceful beautiful place not far from where I used to live in South Australia – McLaren Vale. It is one of Australia’s world renowned wine regions and although it is a popular destination for tourists and wine lovers, it manages to maintain peace, tranquility and silence. It’s a beautiful spot and one I’ll be heading to when we visit Adelaide next month.

McLaren Vale
McLaren Vale,South Australia
From Coriole Cellar Door
From Coriole garden, McLaren Vale