WPC – Rise/Set

I could go all out with a huge gallery of photos as I love to snap the sunset; I wish I could pull myself out of bed early enough to capture the sunrise but at this moment in my life I find that a challenge on its own.

I’ve decided on a selection that mean something to me; Coromandel Valley, South Australia where we last lived as a family before Chief and I moved up to Brisbane; Brighton SA (many a fun evening to be had on that beach!) Long Melford Suffolk, the view from my parent’s house and Brisbane where we are now.

Sun setting on the hill behind our house in Coromandel Valley, SA
Brighton South Australia
20170314_180622_001 (2)
Wintery sunset Long Melford, Suffolk
Sun setting on storm clouds, Brisbane


WPC: Serene

WPC: Serene

South Australia is my adoptive homeland and we spent the first 11 years of our Australian adventure there before moving to Brisbane.  It was easy to find places of serenity in such a beautiful peaceful place. Be it in the vineyards of the Adelaide Hills or by the sea at Brighton these photos were, and still are my serene places.

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