Square in September – Day 22

There is one more week left of BeckyB’s Square in September challenge with the theme In The Pink. The only rule is that your photograph has to be square. Give it a go!

I love playing with my camera especially with a macro lens.  It’s all about experimenting and having some fun. I just so happened to have a shot of the buds gradually opening up on this pink flower. It’s not perfect by any means but I was quite happy with it for a beginner.

Pink Square



Square in September – Day 17

Today is our son’s 25th birthday and apart from it making me feel rather old, I do believe that I have managed to capture all three elements for the ultimate ‘In The Pink’ challenge in this one photo.

tom and Christie
Tickled Pink

Earlier this year our son Thomas proposed to his beautiful girlfriend Christie. Chief and I were so delighted to be with them at the time, having flown to Adelaide for the weekend.

This photo shows Thomas wearing a pink shirt (tick!) The pair of them are absolutely tickled being having only been engaged for a few hours (tick!) and that ring is positively in the pink (tick!) Happy birthday Tom! xx




Square in September – Day 14

Brisbane’s South Bank precinct includes 17 hectares of inner-city parkland with bars, restaurants, museums and a large beach and pool area. It stretches along the bank of the Brisbane river and is a cracking spot to spend some leisure time.

There is a 1km walkway shaded by a galvanised steel arbour which is covered in bougainvillea along its entire length.

Here you can just glimpse the Wheel of Brisbane through it.



Square in September – in the pink: day 8

I have been inspired  by Clare’s Cosmos to share my first attempt at photographing the moon – a la professional style. I can see the moon rising from our bedroom window and the balcony is a perfect spot to set up the tripod and ‘have a go’. I researched the ‘how to’ and realised that to achieve a better shot, I needed to use manual focus and find the camera’s infinity point  – right then, two firsts for me. This was easier said than done as I came across plenty of methods for doing so.  Basically I just fiddled and out of the 37 shots I took, this is the best one.  I was personally tickled pink with the result for a first attempt BUT it is far from perfect – that’s OK, I’ll try again, and again and again……..

moon square
Tickled Pink – Nikon D5500 @ 300mm, ISO 100, 1/160, f5.6



Square in September – Day 7

Day 7 of the Square in September challenge and I was ‘tickled pink’ with this photograph. Chief and I were spending a few days in Singapore and from our hotel, we had a great view of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel – the swanky one that looks like a boat on stilts. I was checking out some of the features on my Nikon D5500, one of them being the swiveling touch screen. I was able to position the camera down in the flowers without having to lie in them myself, and shoot away – It just so happened that the flowers were pink!