Square in September – Day 9

Those of you who have been following this Wombat for a while will know that in March 2017, my lovely Dad was awarded the MBE for services to charity and his community. I flew back to the UK to be one of his guests at the palace – yes, that is Buckingham Palace.  It was an incredibly special day and we were all totally tickled pink and chuffed to bits.





Square in September – in the pink: day 8

I have been inspired  by Clare’s Cosmos to share my first attempt at photographing the moon – a la professional style. I can see the moon rising from our bedroom window and the balcony is a perfect spot to set up the tripod and ‘have a go’. I researched the ‘how to’ and realised that to achieve a better shot, I needed to use manual focus and find the camera’s infinity point  – right then, two firsts for me. This was easier said than done as I came across plenty of methods for doing so.  Basically I just fiddled and out of the 37 shots I took, this is the best one.  I was personally tickled pink with the result for a first attempt BUT it is far from perfect – that’s OK, I’ll try again, and again and again……..

moon square
Tickled Pink – Nikon D5500 @ 300mm, ISO 100, 1/160, f5.6



Square in September – Day 7

Day 7 of the Square in September challenge and I was ‘tickled pink’ with this photograph. Chief and I were spending a few days in Singapore and from our hotel, we had a great view of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel – the swanky one that looks like a boat on stilts. I was checking out some of the features on my Nikon D5500, one of them being the swiveling touch screen. I was able to position the camera down in the flowers without having to lie in them myself, and shoot away – It just so happened that the flowers were pink!



Square in September – Day 4

For ten years the Royal Adelaide Show was a part of my life; it is where I worked and formed some life-long friendships. Then we upped sticks and relocated to Brisbane and most of you will know that I was dragged kicking and screaming to Queensland. You’ll be delighted to know that nearly three years on and it feels like home at last – anyway, back to the Show – it’s on right now and a Facebook memory bobbed up and provided me with the inspiration for today’s Square in September challenge. The challenge is to post a square photograph with the theme InThePink – and here you are!

Pink Piggy

And yes, that is me holding him – one of the perks of my job at Show time!


Square September – Day 3

I’m delighted to have the chance to show off my ‘award winning’ photograph with you again – when I say ‘award winning’ I mean ‘runner up’ but hey! it was the first photography competition I’d entered and was ‘tickled pink’ that my hurried snap turned out pretty okay. You can read all about how I captured this gecko’s foot here. 


Square in September Challenge

In the Pink – again

Day 2 of Square in September and a photo from my archive. This was one of the first photographs I took with my macro lens which was July last year. I was ‘tickled pink’ with the ‘pink’ result. I had been wandering around the neighbourhood with camera in hand and spotted this flower tumbling over someone’s garden wall. Again, I have no idea of its name. It’s not a brilliant photo but it’s great fun trying!

pink Square 2


In the Pink

My blogging buddy Clare of Clare’s Cosmos drew my attention to a  photo challenge issued by Becky who has a super blog The Life of B. After the Weekly Photo Challenge from our lovely friends at WordPress (we miss you guys!) ceased, I’ve been missing that particular blogging community so I’m looking forward to forming new friendships with Becky and her blogging neighbours.

Square in September starts today, 1st September. The theme is ‘In The Pink’ which we can interpret as ‘tickled pink, ‘in the pink’ or just ‘pink’ but – The only thing you must ensure is that your main photograph is square. We can even share a photo a day for the whole month if we wish so watch this space.

I took the photo below when I was in Adelaide a few months ago and as you can see it had been raining. The petals were a pale pink and I was tickled pink that I’d managed to capture the reflections in the rain drops.

Unfortunately I don’t know the name of  the flower so if anyone can help out, please let me know.  It could even be a weed!

pink Square 1


Not the Weekly Photo Challenge

Not the Weekly Photo Challenge

Sadly the WPC is no longer and I  miss the community of like-minded bloggers sharing their take on the weekly photography challenge.

Nevertheless, I can still share photos with you and here are the final Bali ones. I have broken all the photography rules in the book – such as the rule of thirds, – but we all know rules are to be broken – right?

man on jetty_resized
local huddle
man and bike_resized
surfboard colour_resized
propped in colour
surfboard mono_resized
propped in monogram
hotel fountain_resize
night lights