WPC: Lines

This week, share a photo with a composition dominated by lines — hard or soft, straight or curvy, vertical or horizontal, or made in nature or as part of a cityscape.

Customs House Brisbane and modern buildings opposite
Greenhouse Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens


Day Twenty:Triumph and Contrast

Today was my triumph; a successful upgrade  bid with Malaysian Airlines.   So for the first time I spent  just over seven hours in relative comfort.   This image of smoked duck with grilled artichoke, red radish and tomato  salsa has been  enhanced with the ‘red’ button!


Day Thirteen: Moment & Motion – Revisited

I wanted to share a lovely image of a very good friend on her wedding day.  It was a hazy Summer’s evening in the beautiful countryside of the Czech Republic (about one hour from Prague).  Following the formalities of the day, it was time to let our hair down as we danced to a local folk group.  I just love the way this happy moment was captured.

Photo101 The week Revisited

I wanted to revisit Day Fifteen: Landscape with a gallery of Australian landscape shots.  In contrast to Creakingbones who used dramatic images of the arid outback, here you will see images of the Adelaide Hills and one of South Australia’s wine regions, McLaren Vale.

Day Fifteen: Landscape & Cropping

Today, let’s walk in the footsteps of masters like Ansel Adams and focus on landscape photography.

Too many landscapes to choose from but I whittled it down to a landscape shot from Somerset in the UK, captured on a visit in 2011.  I just cropped out a small slice of the sky.  I love the way the sun in shining in the foreground with the shaded fields and the dark sky in the background.

Somerset 002